With more than 40 years in the oil and gas industry, working for major and independent companies both on staff and as a consultant, Sue Corrigan is one of the most experienced geoscientists in the business. She set up Back to Basics Geoscience Ltd in 2015, in order to provide a service where ‘old school’ sound geological principles and concepts are thoroughly investigated to form the basis of exploration and development projects. Sue has had extensive hands-on experience with seismic interpretation and geomodelling techniques, and knows that in order for these interpretations to be effective, application of the basic geological concepts of sedimentology, structure, and diagenesis within a regional context is the essential basis for producing optimum commercial results. Furthermore, this depth of understanding can help identify new opportunities in mature petroleum provinces.

Sue also understands the importance of providing guidance and training to early-career geoscientists in the application of these basic geological concepts, and has considerable recent experience of mentoring.

Sue is happy to accept both ad-hoc consulting and longer term contract work, and can be flexible with timing and location.