Ensuring that sound geological principles are the building blocks for exploration and development projects. Construction of holistic reservoir models in the context of:

  • regional structural setting and the effects of tectonics pre-, syn- and post-deposition
  • depositional modelling and sediment body geometry, supported by analogue data
  • controls on reservoir quality distribution (diagenetic overprint on primary rock fabric)


Based on these principles, investigation of ‘new’ concepts in mature petroleum provinces e.g.:

  • recognition of hydrocarbon potential in previously unexploited areas based on comprehensive geological models (e.g. crevasse splay sands within a channel-dominated environment; abyssal plain sands)
  • ‘unconventional’ stratigraphic traps (e.g. in deep water turbidite systems)
  • examination of structurally complex areas (e.g. thrust belts) for the presence of additional hydrocarbon traps


Operation of industry-standard geoscience software e.g.:

  • seismic interpretation (Petrel, Kingdom).
  • geocellular model building as input to history match modelling (Petrel).
  • reserves risking (MMRA)



In-house advice, training and encouragement to early-career professionals in the optimisation of sound geological principles for specific projects.

Sue Corrigan Mentoring